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Mobile Application

At Biorev, clients meet the custom mobile application development as desired. we are bestowed with the team of highly skilled developers who develop top notch REAL ESTATE mobile applications. Our team is able to satisfy all needs of target audiences even the complex ones. Providing responsive value added mobile applications is our moto. We offer dynamic viewing experience to our clients that make their customers read and navigate easily.

Real Estate Apps

Do you have a real estate app project in mind? Biorev has the team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to serving the high-class real estate application to clients worldwide. All you need to do is discuss your project requirements with us and let our team handle the work and lessen your stress. We know that buyers crave for same accessibility on their phones or tablets like they get on their desktop to easily get desired information. Biorev’s superior quality Real Estate mobile application is the best solution.

Community Apps

We help our clients to bring large interest-bases or general groups of users together through community applications. These apps we connect people through profiles, instant messaging, forums, and various other social networking features. We develop community applications that let customers share reviews, photos, add comments and engage with client’s business anytime, anywhere. Biorev’s mobile app development services expand to all major devices including, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,iPad and Windows. We offer better communication options that lead to better communities.

Design Center Apps

Biorev offers highly interactive apps to the clients so that they can provide a better experience to their customers. We create customer-centric design center apps that allow customers to personalize their home. Our main focus is to let customers decide designs for their home which can be collaborated together to build their dream home. The design center apps provide full-service product selection plan that is further handled by client’s professional design consultants. Also, we help our clients to better understand their customers’ requirements and deliver better results.

Realtor’s Special

You’ve heard about, and are interested in using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your Real Estate business more dynamic and results-driven.The kind of relationship that we’ll be building with you is the exact relationship that exists between SEO and Real Estate marketing.Make your brand highly recognizable and effective in your niche by maximizing your positive social media and networking presence.

Showcase Apps

Biorev creates showcase apps that help users to guide to places near them. These apps help customers to find places nearby their society such as restaurants, gas station, hospitals, schools, salon, spa, etc. The apps work on the basis of user check-ins and has a huge database of places. The apps automatically find the location of the user and show them all popular places near them according to their search. Showcase apps are the best option to find places anywhere, anytime or basically on-the-go.