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Manpower Staffing

Biorev offers services in manpower for recruitment process outsourcing, staff supply  and dedicated team of required professionals. We can deliver the talent, matching the right individual to the right job faster and with better business results.

Contract Based

Biorev understands that the staffing needs of clients may range from short term to long term and can also be project driven. This is why we provide comprehensive contract based manpower staffing solutions. We provide a reliable and fast way to find and hire qualified individuals till our clients need. Our flexible contract based manpower solution helps our clients to maintain an individual only when their workload demands to ensure their access to top talent.

Full Time Roles

Biorev is dedicated to providing long-term results and value to its clients by offering full time roles of employees. Whether the client requires last minute help or top performer, our professionals are always ready to help. We have impressed our clients as a full time staffing solution provider by being reliable, efficient and best in the industry. We have made remarkable achievement in offering exemplary full time placement services. Our team is specially tailored to the requirements of our clients.

Contract To Hire

Biorev understands that sometimes clients are not ready to commit completely to hire a full-time employee. Hence, we provide the contract to hire services. It allows our clients to hire an individual for a certain time period without ensuring him to employ him on permanent bases. When they have had an opportunity to check if the individual works well, they feel confident and so, can easily make the decision of hiring him  as a full-time employee.