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3D Animation

There are many uses for 3D animation, from a basic caption to an entertaining cartoon. Something as simple as a logo acquires extra punch when rendered in 3D.. A product demo, as part of a presentation, trade show booth, or infomercial, can quickly illustrate the utility of the product.

2D and 3D Stills

Animation, being a field of science and art, has the capability to impart zeal and life to non-living characters. 2D animations deal with framing and drawing and is the base for 3D animation. Our 2D animators create frames that define a sequence which is then moved at different speeds in order to create a semblance of motion. 3D animations are more deep and realistic. The textures, color, and lighting of the 3D objects are modified by using software programs. Whether 2D animation is required or 3D animation is required, we always deliver the satisfying results.

Character Rigging and Modeling

Biorev 3D character modeling services are detailed and in-depth. Our modelers turn traditionally sculptured and 2D concept art maquettes into a detailed topologically sound 3D models. Once these models get approved, they are forwarded for the rigging process. Character rigging is a digital skeleton that is bound to 3D mesh. The rig is like a real skeleton made up of bones and joints. Each bone and joint act as a handle which is used by animators to bend the character in a coveted pose.

Character Animation

Biorev’s team of expert animators works on specialized character animation process and brings animated characters to life. Our animators create unique character-generated individuals and also decide how the characters will look, interact, and move with it environment. Our highly-skilled character animators breathe life into characters and create an innovative illusion of emotion, thought and personality. We believe that it is necessary to make characters that are appealing and gets perfect with the story.

Whiteboard Animation

As everyone is attracted towards whiteboard animation, Biorev has created a team of world class animators to work into this area. Our endeavors have made us the market leader in this arena. We are expert in creating whiteboard videos which convert, get shared and help clients make money. We believe in providing advice, regular updates, and top-notch service. Each project is hand drawn from scratch by world’s best artist and are then custom edited. We don’t believe in using stock images.

Explanatory Video

Explanatory videos have gained importance in recent times as they can boost sales and increase leads. We offer the best explanatory videos in the industry that help clients to attract and grasp the attention of their potential customers. Our videos help clients in every way whether they want such videos for attracting online customers or for effective business-to-business marketing services. Our explanatory videos help clients in online marketing by entertaining, educating and converting potential customers.