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Web Development

Information Gathering

The first step in the process of web development is to understand the client’s requirements. The first and foremost thing is to find the target audience, which will help developers to assess everything accordingly. Our developers assess everything and come up with detailed and cost-effective analysis.


Our developers draw preliminary specifications by covering all elements of the requirement. Developing larger projects for the client require more levels of consultation in order to assess additional technical and business requirements.


After the analysis, assessments, and specifications, our designers start the next step of web development process, that is, designing the navigation and layouts as a prototype. In this stage, our developers and designers work on the interactivity of the website. Then we share the design with the client and note down their suggestions and changes they require. Before our team moves into the next step, all changes are finalized.


Now it’s the turn of our programmers to come into action. They add their code without affecting the design, look and feel of the website. Before coding begins, our programmers thoroughly understand the navigation and design of the site. The team of developers at Biorev generates all necessary testing plans and technical documentation.

Testing and Delivery

Biorev understands that web development requires an intensive testing. Our team of testers performs all testing processes such as Scalability testing, Integration testing, Loading testing, Stress testing, Compatibility testing and Resolution testing. After performing these testing, a thorough testing at live servers is performed.

After thorough testing, the project is uploaded to the client’s server. At this stage, we again perform a quick testing to ensure that files are uploaded correctly and it appears to be completely functional. Biorev delivers the intuitive and gratifying experience for everyone by developing responsive websites.


Launching of the project is not the end of Biorev’s web development process. The website requires frequent updates after launch to keep it fresh and relevant. We keep on analyzing and repeat all steps whenever required to make the site highly accessible and interactive. After the site becomes operational, we continue to provide technical maintenance, content management and updating, site traffic reports on regular basis.