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Mobile Application

Absorbing the great Vision

Just like the creation of a tree happens from a seed, similarly a glimpse of great vision is the beginning of an extravagant app. We strive towards enriching, enduring and excelling our client’s vision of their next new mobile application.

Let it be a retail store or service based, be it construction or catering we stretch our wings to all domains and have experience developing apps for them.

Strategy and Scope

At this step, we take a high-level overarching idea and concept of what the client wants to build. We take knowledge about the client’s industry and idea and blend them with Biorev’s experience and expertise in mobile to develop an application that makes sense to users.

Information Architecture

At this stage, we carry out two steps – User flow & Blueprints. User flow outlines the features the application will include and how will they interconnect. Blueprints, also called wireframes, are the critical part of the mobile application development process. These are actually the sketches of every screen of the mobile application.


Our team hops into the designing phase after the information architecture. At this phase, we bring blueprints, made in the previous step, into life by coloring, adding gradients, drop shadows, and all little tricks to make screens fee and look slick.


At development phase of mobile application development, the designs are taken and made functional. Our programmers code out he backend and frontend of the application also built API or CMS if required.

The App Store

This is the final step in which we push the application into Google Play or the App Store. The process of final approval of developed mobile application may take a couple of weeks.