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Manpower Staffing

Manpower requirements

Before we begin with the work, we assess the manpower-staffing requirement of the organization. Biorev assesses the type of manpower required that means what qualification and background are required. We also forecast and determine all future manpower needs of the client.

Scoping the Job Description

At this step of manpower staffing, we induce people to apply for a job in the client’s organization. After the type and a number of employees required are assessed, our managers try to make more and more applicants apply in order to get more choices and select the best candidates.

The Great search for Talent

We run all through the 9 yards in order to make sure that no stone is unturned and no venue is left in search of the great talent that is right for your organisation. From Job portals to Linkedin, From Social media to Craigslist, From local Newspaper to our syndicated Job agencies. We revolve our search to all of them.

Selective Filter

At this step of manpower staffing, we choose the most deserving candidates to fill vacant positions. This selection process involves various steps such as tests, interviews, etc. We consider two important points during the selection process, one is to select the best from all and other is to make selected candidates understand the environment in the organization through its serious selection process.

Interview and Feedback

Biorev forms a firm bridge between the applicant and Client by scheduling the interviews for all candidates. We also make sure to brief the candidate about the company profile, culture as well as requirement to make sure he/she understands the corporate values which are foundation of the Client.

We share feedback on real time bases on both side i.e. From Applicant to Client and vice versa. This enables the client management team to get insight on few of the important aspects of the requirement.


At this step of manpower staffing, we make the selected candidates occupy the vacant position by giving them appointment letters. We at this step place the candidates in the vacant positions in the client’s organization.