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Envisioning the idea and defining scope

It is just a written description of the desired 3D animation. It contains complete information about each scene such as set design, dialogues, character description, actions, camera positions, etc. Our storyboard artist requires a script to produce and concise and clear storyboard.


After getting the script, our concept artist designs characters, environment, props, etc. before they are created in the computer. Our concept artist, at this step, creates a rough draft that matches the vision of scriptwriters. This step may take some time, but the artist ensures that vision of the writers is realized completely.


At this stage, storyboard artist creates animation in 2D series of hand drawn images known as a storyboard; it shows rough drawings of each scene in animation. It also gives a brief description of every shot and dialogue spoken.


After everything is designed, the modeling process begins. In this process, everything in 3D animation is required to be modeled in a computer before using it for production. The 3D models are made up of points in a 3D space in a computer. These points are then connected by line segment to create a polygon mesh.


Models created in a computer are solid objects and can not animate or bend. Before animating a character, it is rigged in order to make it bend its limbs and allow it move around the environment. In this step, an internal skeleton is added for deforming the character and adding all controls required by the animator to bring characters to life.

Lighting, Rendering, Post Production

In this step, all material and coloring properties are added as the situation demands. The animators add translucencies to curtains, sheen to furniture, and lighting effect on everything present in the set.

At this step, all rendered elements are brought together. Each Element such as backgrounds and characters are rendered separately. By rendering element separately, it becomes possible to add special effects or make changes anytime.

After looking over and polishing everything, the project is delivered in a certain file type required to display the client’s newly built animation for commercial or any other purpose.